Synopsis: Thin, fiber reinforced cementitious products offer a useful balance
of properties such as strength, toughness, environmental durability,
moisture resistance, dimensional stability, fire resistance, esthetics and ease
of handling and installation.
For more than 30 years, AR glass fibers have been at the forefront in the
development of new applications of such products throughout the World.
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete [GFRC] is a thin, cement composite based
on AR glass fibers with an excellent strength to weight ratio; it is virtually
maintenance free being resistant to most environments found in the World.
Extensive early laboratory work produced a test method for determining long
term strength. The validity of this work has been proven by the large
number of buildings clad with GFRC, as well as a vast range of other GFRC
products, all of which have given trouble free performance over this 30 year
This paper explains the fundamental principles behind GFRC and gives
examples of some of its uses in the World markets. These applications
range from high quality, architectural wall panels and decorative elements
through to modular buildings down to low cost channel sections and utility
components. New developments and techniques will also be touched upon.

۳۰yrs of GFRC and its Applications (۱ دانلود ها)
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